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Are you a vehicle owner who is using your car for more than just day-to-day use? Did you know one of the most common misunderstandings about car insurance is that your personal car insurance covers work use too?

People often think that having car insurance means their car is covered no matter what. While some insurance providers do include your work commute in your insurance, it’s a different situation if you use your car for work-related travel.

So what is the difference between personal and commercial car insurance? Let’s get into it.

What is personal car insurance?

Personal car insurance refers to insurance that covers your vehicle for general use on the road. Car insurance is calculated on risk and the more time a vehicle spends on the road and in traffic, the higher the risk.


Are you considering getting car insurance but aren’t sure what type you need? Think about what you’re using your car for and how often. Personal car insurance is best for those who use their vehicle for basic use such as going to work, driving the kids to school, going to the store, visiting friends and family etc.

What does it cover?

Personal car insurance covers your vehicle in the event of an accident or damage caused by an accident and theft. As mentioned above, personal car insurance is for basic day-to-day and covers you for general use, social use, work commute, travel and more.

What is commercial car insurance?

Commercial car insurance is insurance cover for work-specific vehicles and vehicle fleets. That means if you are using your car for work travels, business trips and transporting unowned goods then your vehicle should be covered with commercial car insurance.

There are a few significant differences between commercial car insurance and personal car insurance. For example, commercial car insurance has higher premiums due to higher risk and vehicle value. A truck which has a higher value compared to an average car is going to have a higher monthly premium too.

Another example of a difference between the two is the risk factor. A commercial use vehicle spends a lot more time in traffic and on the road than a regular vehicle. This means commercial vehicles are at higher risk of getting into an accident or getting damaged.

What does it cover?


As with personal car insurance, commercial car insurance covers you in case of an accident or vehicle theft and damage.  Sometimes an insurance policy can include a medical cover or personal injury cover.

Commercial insurance also covers multiple drivers. If a company has a fleet of trucks, and multiple drivers, the insurance must cover each driver.


There are a few differences between personal and commercial car insurance. Most notably, commercial insurance has higher premiums due to higher risk and vehicle value.

Personal insurance is for general day-to-day car use and covers you in case of an accident, theft or damage. Commercial car insurance is for company cars, fleets and work travel or vehicles used for transportation of unowned goods.

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