vehicle budgeting

We know that being a responsible vehicle owner means looking after your car. This includes making sure you get the necessary services done to keep your vehicle running smoothly. But how can you reduce monthly car expenses?

Aside from the basic petrol, oil checks, tires, insurance etc. there can often be times where you run into unexpected expenses.

Monitoring how much you spend on your car per month can help you determine what you can change to reduce the costs. Here are a few tips on where to start:

Check your insurance options

If you’ve been with the same insurance provider for a while, you may be hesitant to “shop around” for other options. However, the premium you were offered back then, may not be the best premium available now.

It’s wise to do comparison shopping on insurance quotes at least once a year to check-in that you’re still getting the best deal available to you.

Having a lower monthly car insurance cost is already one of the best ways to reduce monthly car expenses.


Refinance auto loan

Refinancing your auto loan for a lower rate can also help to lower the total monthly cost spent on your vehicle.  

Look into your options and try refinancing for a long-term loan instead. Yes, it’ll be a few extra years of payments, but it’ll also help in your mission to reduce your month-to-month car expenses.

Get a fuel-efficient car

One of the biggest impacts on your budget is probably your monthly spend on petrol. Look at your choices; when purchasing a car or if you’re considering getting another car, always put the vehicle’s petrol consumption and cost-to-fill at the top of your list.

If you’ve spent years saving up for your dream car and wouldn’t trade it out for a smaller, fuel-efficient option instead, think about other options.

Consider your daily commute and decide if it’ll be best to purchase an additional car that’s low on petrol for work, or maybe alternate some days and commute with a co-worker.


Staying up to date and getting regular services on your vehicle can save you from unexpected future costs.

It helps to regularly get your tires checked, oil checked and the overall vehicle checked. Again, we highly recommend you shop around and get quotes from various mechanics in your area.



Taking care of your car and checking your insurance options can save a lot of money in the long-run.

Reducing your monthly car expenses can be as simple as finding the best available insurance premium, looking after your car, refinancing your auto loan and sharing a ride to work with a co-worker.

Are you considering shopping around for insurance quotes to find out if you have the best deal? Get in touch with QualityQuote and let us give you a call with multiple insurance quotes and options!