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    third-party accident cover

    What is third-party insurance?

    When it comes to vehicle insurance, third-party insurance is usually less popular. Some people believe that comprehensive car insurance is the only type of insurance that’s necessary or worth a monthly premium. While this may make sense for…
    insurance premium

    Surprising Factors That Affect Your Insurance Premium

    As a vehicle owner, you might be surprised at a few factors that can affect your insurance premium. We all know about the basic factors such as car model, daily driving distance, risk, etc. But did you know that there are a few other factors…
    comprehensive car insurance

    What Is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

    We get a lot of queries about the different kinds of insurance and what they mean. Every vehicle owner should know the differences to help them determine which is best for their individual needs. Have you been wondering what comprehensive car…
    Car Insurance Quotes South Africa

    What is a Balloon Payment on a Car?

    If you’ve been looking around at buying a new car, or your first car, you’ve probably heard the term ‘balloon payment’ during your research. If you’re not familiar with it, then perhaps you’re wondering what it means? That’s why…
    home renovations insurance

    How Do Renovations Affect Building/Home Insurance?

    Renovations are an exciting way to make your home feel new again. Whether you’re planning a complete renovation, an extension, or a simple addition to your house, it will increase your lot value. An increase in lot value will affect the monthly…
    car and home insurance

    Tips to Protect Your Car and Home in Winter

    Winter is here and the weather is changing. We’re going to share a few tips to protect your car and home in winter in South Africa. These tips will help keep your vehicle safe on the roads, make sure your safety measures are in accordance…
    Insurance brokers in south africa

    What are vehicle anti-theft devices?

    Most insurance providers recommend you to have some sort of anti-theft device for your vehicle. Having an anti-theft device installed is not only a great extra security measure for your car but also helps you get lower car insurance quotes from…

    Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Car Insurance

    When choosing car insurance you want to get the best possible deal you can available for your needs. Having cover for your vehicle is one of the best decisions you can make in your adulthood as a vehicle owner. Not everyone agrees it’s necessary,…
    Best car insurance quotes

    Handling a Car Crash – What You Need to Know

    As a vehicle owner and driver, it’s not only important to know the road rules for safety, but also to know what to do in case of an accident. Road accidents in South Africa are a very common occurrence and you could be involved in an accident…

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