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    Tips to Protect Your Car and Home in Winter

    Winter is here and the weather is changing. We’re going to share a few tips to protect your car and home in winter in South Africa. These tips will help keep your vehicle safe on the roads, make sure your safety measures are in accordance…
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    What are vehicle anti-theft devices?

    Most insurance providers recommend you to have some sort of anti-theft device for your vehicle. Having an anti-theft device installed is not only a great extra security measure for your car but also helps you get lower car insurance quotes from…

    Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Car Insurance

    When choosing car insurance you want to get the best possible deal you can available for your needs. Having cover for your vehicle is one of the best decisions you can make in your adulthood as a vehicle owner. Not everyone agrees it’s necessary,…
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    Handling a Car Crash – What You Need to Know

    As a vehicle owner and driver, it’s not only important to know the road rules for safety, but also to know what to do in case of an accident. Road accidents in South Africa are a very common occurrence and you could be involved in an accident…
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    What’s the difference between personal and commercial car insurance?

    Are you a vehicle owner who is using your car for more than just day-to-day use? Did you know one of the most common misunderstandings about car insurance is that your personal car insurance covers work use too? People often think that having…

    What’s the difference between building insurance and home contents insurance?

    As a homeowner, your biggest responsibility is the maintenance and protection of your home. As one of your biggest financial responsibilities, it’s a necessity to have home insurance. The problem that most people face is that they don’t…

    Insurance tips to prepare for the festive season

    Are you ready for the festive holiday and looking for ways to save money? Protect your vehicle and your home this holiday and follow our insurance tips to prepare for the festive season. It’s really important to make sure your insurance…
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    Ways to Save on Your Insurance

    As the year comes to a close, saving becomes harder but more important. Let’s look at a few ways to save on your car insurance. It’s a common misconception that saving on insurance requires choosing the lowest premium. This is not entirely…

    Types of insurance for a home-based business

    Working from home has become a normal business plan of action across all niches. Have you considered the extra measures you can take to ensure business security? While working from home takes away the stresses of your daily commute to work,…

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