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Cheap Car Insurance Quotes South Africa

Looking for affordable car insurance quotes in South Africa? At Quality Quote, we’re all about saving money and protecting your well-being.  We are a registered Financial Services Provider for car and home insurance in South Africa.  With our YouAssist product, we give you affordable access to Emergency Medical Assistance, Trauma Assistance, Home and Crime Assist, a drive home chauffeur service, Legal Assistance and more.

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inflation in south africa

How Inflation Affects the Car Insurance Industry in South Africa

Car insurance in South Africa is an industry that faces constant threats from inflation. Due to the rising costs of living, many people feel forced to the decision of cancelling other important expenses. Unfortunately, one of those expenses…
car insurance excess

What is Excess in Car Insurance?

When it comes to choosing your insurance premium from the quotes you’ve received, don’t forget to compare the excess! Excess in car insurance is a cost that you have to pay the insurer. If you are involved in an accident, your insurance…
home contents insurance

Making a Claim When Your Possessions Have Been Stolen or Damaged

Home contents insurance helps provide homeowners with peace of mind for their valuables. Any homeowner or renter has dealt with the fear of leaving the house and leaving their possessions inside. What if someone breaks in? Who do you call if…
insurance premiums cost

How Car Insurance Premiums are Calculated

If you’ve been shopping around for insurance options lately, you may be wondering how car insurance premiums are calculated. Some companies look at different factors and include different things. In general, there are a few standards that…
road accident fund

What is a Road Accident Fund? (RAF)

As a vehicle owner or general driver on the roads, knowing about the RAF (Road Accident Fund) is imperative. Following road safety rules and regulations is in your best interest for the safety of you and your family, and for others on the road.…
third-party accident cover

What is third-party insurance?

When it comes to vehicle insurance, third-party insurance is usually less popular. Some people believe that comprehensive car insurance is the only type of insurance that’s necessary or worth a monthly premium. While this may make sense for…
insurance premium

Surprising Factors That Affect Your Insurance Premium

As a vehicle owner, you might be surprised at a few factors that can affect your insurance premium. We all know about the basic factors such as car model, daily driving distance, risk, etc. But did you know that there are a few other factors…
comprehensive car insurance

What Is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

We get a lot of queries about the different kinds of insurance and what they mean. Every vehicle owner should know the differences to help them determine which is best for their individual needs. Have you been wondering what comprehensive car…
Car Insurance Quotes South Africa

What is a Balloon Payment on a Car?

If you’ve been looking around at buying a new car, or your first car, you’ve probably heard the term ‘balloon payment’ during your research. If you’re not familiar with it, then perhaps you’re wondering what it means? That’s why…

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