When choosing car insurance you want to get the best possible deal you can available for your needs. Having cover for your vehicle is one of the best decisions you can make in your adulthood as a vehicle owner. Not everyone agrees it’s necessary, but we do and think you should too!

If you’re ready to get going and get insured, that’s great! Before you settle on choosing your car insurance provider, let’s review a few common mistakes to avoid when choosing car insurance.

Choosing the cheapest

Did you know that going for the cheapest car insurance policy is the top common mistake to make? It is! People often think that getting the cheapest insurance is the best deal, but that’s not usually the case. Having a low insurance premium usually means a higher excess payout and fewer benefits.

That means your monthly premium may be low, but in case of an accident, the excess you’ll have to pay out could be a lot more than if you had a slightly higher premium. So are you really saving by choosing the cheapest insurance premium? No, not really.

Not doing comparisons

Comparing multiple insurance quotes from various insurance providers is the best way to go when choosing car insurance.

We do not recommend avoiding or skipping this step. Insurance providers each have different offers available and each has different prices and benefits. Make use of our comparative quotes service and let us help you find the best insurance quotes for you.


Not checking what is covered

Sometimes people get a quote, accept it, and take the insurance premium offer without any questions. Doing so is likely to confuse you later on when something comes up which you didn’t expect or thought would be covered. You could also end up needing to pay a higher than expected excess or towing fees.

Always make sure you know exactly what you are covered for. Ask what is included in the quote and what isn’t. Find out as much information as you can from each prospective provider. Our team of skilled broker consultants can offer you the best insurance premiums with each policy tailored to suit your needs.

Rejecting anti-theft devices

Having an anti-theft device or extra security measures on your vehicle is recommended by insurance providers and can even get you a discount.

Car insurance providers are more likely to offer you a good deal if you have a vehicle tracking device, steering wheel lock, clutch lock or a dashcam. Consider investing in one of these extra security measures to get a better insurance deal and peace of mind for your car security.

Not providing correct information

Providing honest and correct information in any legal matter is an undeniable must! If you provide false details or lie about your driving history or anything else, you’ll end up receiving an incorrect quote and unnecessary complications later on.

The same decency should be applied to changing information. If you’ve moved house, work at another location, spend more hours on the road or have a family member using your car for their commute, then you have to update your policy details.

If your policy details are incorrect and you end up in an accident and the truth comes out, your insurance provider will probably cancel your policy and you won’t get your claim.


Forgetting to ask T&Cs

Have you gathered all the required information, reviewed & compared various quotes and are ready to get your car insurance? If yes, congratulations! But wait; do not jump into signing any documents without reading the terms & conditions.

We know reading through T&Cs is time-consuming and boring, but trust us, you’ll regret it later if you don’t. Read through and make sure you accept and understand all the terms of the policy before proceeding. If you’re unsure of something, ask questions. Insurance brokers are always happy to help and explain the terms and conditions to you.


Now that you know the common mistakes to avoid when choosing car insurance, you can proceed with confidence!

Do your research and make sure you have all the required information ready and prepared. Let us help you get the best possible quotes suitable for your needs; contact Quality Quote and one of our experts will be in touch to assist you.