home security

How Does Home Security Impact Insurance?

Have you ever wondered how your home could impact your insurance premiums? Enhancing the security of your home is not only about safeguarding your property and loved ones but also about your insurance premiums. The security of your home &…
smart home insurance

The Rise of Smart Homes in South Africa: Implications for Home Insurance Policies

How do smart homes affect home insurance? Smart home insurance in South Africa is a hot topic of discussion. From controlling lights to monitoring security cameras, South African homes are getting smarter. This surge in smart home technology…
home contents insurance

Making a Claim When Your Possessions Have Been Stolen or Damaged

Home contents insurance helps provide homeowners with peace of mind for their valuables. Any homeowner or renter has dealt with the fear of leaving the house and leaving their possessions inside. What if someone breaks in? Who do you call if…
home buyers guide

First-time Home Buyer’s Guide: Steps to Become a Homeowner

Buying your first home is a very exciting and often overwhelming experience. It’s a big deal! We know there’s a lot to think about and prepare for. So we’ve decided to create a guide to help you through it. You can use this checklist as…
home renovations insurance

How Do Renovations Affect Building/Home Insurance?

Renovations are an exciting way to make your home feel new again. Whether you’re planning a complete renovation, an extension, or a simple addition to your house, it will increase your lot value. An increase in lot value will affect the monthly…
car and home insurance

Tips to Protect Your Car and Home in Winter

Winter is here and the weather is changing. We’re going to share a few tips to protect your car and home in winter in South Africa. These tips will help keep your vehicle safe on the roads, make sure your safety measures are in accordance…

What’s the difference between building insurance and home contents insurance?

As a homeowner, your biggest responsibility is the maintenance and protection of your home. As one of your biggest financial responsibilities, it’s a necessity to have home insurance. The problem that most people face is that they don’t…

Insurance tips to prepare for the festive season

Are you ready for the festive holiday and looking for ways to save money? Protect your vehicle and your home this holiday and follow our insurance tips to prepare for the festive season. It’s really important to make sure your insurance…

Types of insurance for a home-based business

Working from home has become a normal business plan of action across all niches. Have you considered the extra measures you can take to ensure business security? While working from home takes away the stresses of your daily commute to work,…

What is Home Insurance and What Does it Cover?

New homeowners and long-time homeowners alike should consider investing in homeowner’s insurance. This type of insurance has a few sub-categories and each should be researched before settling on a policy.   Here we’ll be covering the…