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If you think of vehicle tracking what comes to mind? A police investigation? The chase scenes in movies? Or secret agents tracking a potential threat? Whatever it may be, vehicle tracking is and has far more beneficial uses than you may think.  It is widely used as a very effective method for companies and businesses of all kinds to track their delivery vehicles and fleet. In this article, we’ll have a look at 5 top reasons why you need a vehicle tracking device. But first:

What is vehicle tracking?

GPS vehicle tracking is made possible by the use of a GPS system. A little GPS tracking device and server get placed inside the car and the devices transmit all information about the cars speed, location and route to the owners preferred devices, such as a computer, mobile phone or tablet. GPS tracking devices use satellite networks to transfer the information to the headquarters or operator. Now, what are the benefits of vehicle tracking?

vehicle tracking device

#1. Employee Tracking

For a business who has delivery drivers on the roads or employees whose jobs are to run errands, this is a VERY effective way to keep track of their routes, driving speed, and any unauthorized stops and detours. A great way to save on petrol costs with dishonest employees.

#2. Detailed delivery reports

After a while of using a GPS tracking device for your company deliveries, you can study the pattern and routes taken to get to various destinations and provide real-time delivery information to your clients awaiting their delivery. Every customer loves to know exactly where their parcel is and how long it’ll take to arrive. With real-time GPS tracking, you can save company costs on your drivers getting lost and taking the wrong turn, and you get loyal, happy customers who’ll be willing to use your service again!

#3. Improve Productivity

One top feature of having your company vehicles tracked, is that your employees won’t be able to lie about getting lost and demanding they get paid overtime. Increase your employee productivity by ensuring you know where they are and the fastest route they should be taking to get to the required destination.

#4. Security

Another amazing benefit of a vehicle tracker is absolute assurance you know where your car is if it gets stolen. This is a great investment for all company cars, and even expensive company and business equipment. Not all trackers are designed specifically for vehicles. There are many benefits to tracking every day, important items such as cars, luggage bags, equipment etc. Tracking devices are useful for families! Which brings us to the next point…

#5. Family tracking

Have you ever had a loved one go missing? A pet, an elderly parent with Alzheimer’s or your child? Being able to track your loved ones is hugely beneficial to avoid unnecessary stress and accidents. Installing a tracking device in your loved-ones vehicles ensures you’ll know exactly where they are in the event that they’ve gone missing or have been in an accident.  You can also get trackers specifically to attach to a pet’s collar, a child’s backpack, or your granny’s keys or watch.

gps vehicle tracking


With the many benefits of GPS vehicle tracking, you can save a lot of money on company costs, and less stress and worry about losing a family member. Vehicle tracking is a highly recommended investment to make, and most of them work worldwide, like the very popular Trackimo GPS trackers. Look into them, do your research, and save yourself lots of time and money!