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Every home owner wants reassurance that they’ll be safe in their home, after all that’s your personal space to raise your family and relax after a long day of work. But crime is unfortunately the first topic we inquire about when considering buying a new home in a new neighbourhood. Your real estate agent can assure you that it’s a very safe and quiet neighbourhood, but it plays down to how you manage your property, and the precautions you practice in your everyday life.

According to a 2017 report, only one out of every house break-in reports result in an arrest. This may be unsettling news to read, so here are 5 tips for a more secure home and will help you to keep your home and family secure.

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  1. Alarm Systems

Some companies swear that their alarm systems are all you need to protect your home. But it’s not just about having an alarm system and remembering to activate it. If you are installing an alarm system, use it to its full potential. Make it obvious that you have the alarm; put up the notice provided by the company in full sight.

  1. Close curtains

Whether you’re just going to visit a friend for a while, or to the shops, or especially if you’re going away on holiday – keep all valuable items out of sight. If it’s inconvenient to rearrange your layout so that your TV’s and laptops are not visible from the windows or doors, just simply close your curtains. Keeping expensive items out of sight make your home less of a tempting target to criminals.

  1. Hide valuables

Criminals look around for anything that may be worth something, and if the nearest valuable item is a necklace lying on your table they’ll break in just to grab that necklace. Put away all important belongings and even your keys and remotes. Many homes have a handy hook by the entrance door to place keys and remotes. Instead, opt for something safer – put your keys in a drawer or nearby cabinet instead.

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  1. Automatic lights

Set your inside and outside lights on an automatic timer. This is especially useful if you’re working late or have gone on holiday. For even more security and to save on electricity, connect your outside lights to motion detectors so that they only turn on when necessary. Having a bright light shine in your face when you’re attempting to break into a house should scare off any intruder.

  1. Trusted neighbour

Befriend a neighbour or someone within your neighbourhood whom you can trust. When you leave to go on holiday, or if you’ll just be away for a few days, it is strongly advised that you get a neighbour you can trust to check up on your property regularly, and collect any mail so it doesn’t gather up and look obvious that no one is home. If you want them to have access into your home to open and close any windows and curtains, leave the key in their hands. Do not try to hide it under your rug or in the pot plant by the door. These are the most overused and obvious tricks in the book. Instead, trust your neighbour with your key, and have a good holiday!

So there you have 5 tips for a more secure home to keep in mind when buying your first house, or just to take necessary precautions to stay safe.

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