New homeowners and long-time homeowners alike should consider investing in homeowner’s insurance. This type of insurance has a few sub-categories and each should be researched before settling on a policy.  

Here we’ll be covering the basics of home insurance and what it can cover. Many people who travel regularly or spend long hours & weeks away from home invest in home insurance.

Homeowners insurance covers natural disaster damage caused by burglary and breaking in, floods, fire, or storms. It’s also highly recommended for commercial property owners to have their building insured.


What does home insurance cover?

Home insurance, also called homeowners insurance, is an insurance option for having cover and protection of your home and home contents.

There are 3 different categories of home insurance:

  • Homeowners building insurance
  • Home contents insurance
  • Personal belongings insurance

Homeowners building insurance

First and foremost, home insurance refers to cover for your house. This covers your house structure, walls, floors and roof. In case of a natural disaster or accident, your house will be covered and can get fixed up as soon as possible. If the damage is too bad, some insurance policies offer to cover the costs of temporary accommodation while your dwelling gets repaired and made safe again.

Some insurance companies also offer the option of coverage for extended property that’s not attached to the house, such as pools, sheds, greenhouses or detached garages.

Home contents insurance

As it sounds, home contents insurance covers the contents within your home. However, this doesn’t mean absolutely everything in your house gets covered. Most home insurance policies include basic household furniture, appliances, clothing, curtains and loose carpets (rugs).

This cover is available to protect and cover your goods in case of burglary, natural disaster or accident.


Personal belongings/valuables insurance

Personal valuables insurance is separate from homeowner’s insurance and will have a separate policy too. Belongings that can be covered are usually homeowners most expensive and valuable goods such as TV’s, laptops, cell phones, jewellery and handbags.

These items are covered for risks such as loss or damage and normally only apply to if the item was in the house or the owner’s car.


Home insurance refers to cover for your house structure and contents inside. As a new or long-term homeowner, you’ll often be advised to consider the option for home insurance.

If you’ll be taking a loan to cover the cost of buying a house, then it’s likely homeowners insurance will be a requirement.

There are many options for home insurance out there, so make sure you shop around! Don’t have time to search for numerous insurance quotes? Let us find the best insurance quotes out there for you!

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