Save on your insurance

As the year comes to a close, saving becomes harder but more important. Let’s look at a few ways to save on your car insurance.

It’s a common misconception that saving on insurance requires choosing the lowest premium. This is not entirely true. Some insurance providers could end up costing you more if they don’t cover much; therefore, it doesn’t help to have the lowest premium when you’ll be paying out more anyway.

Compare many premiums

The golden rule when it comes to choosing an insurance provider is comparing them all! This can be a rather time-consuming job and many people just settle for calling 2 or 3 insurance providers and pick from there. If you don’t have the time, make use of a broker like Quality Quote who can provide you with multiple insurance quotes.

Quality Quote can help you find the cheapest insurance by providing the quotes for car, home or life insurance.


Update your mileage details

Insurers do look at your mileage as one of the risk factors when supplying a premium quote. So if you’ve started a new work from home adventure and no longer face long-distance commutes and heavy traffic every day notify your insurance provider and get the mileage details updated to help reduce your current premium.

Chat with your insurer about any possible options to save on your insurance.

Keep excess in mind

When coming to the decision on which premium to choose, don’t be fooled by choosing the lowest budget option. Rather, consider the pros and cons of each quote you got and compare them all!

One quote may have a slightly higher premium but offer more cover and another could have a lower premium but could require you to pay out quite a bit of excess in the unfortunate case of an accident. Always look into the pros and cons of each and weigh your options!

Combine policies

Are you one of those people that have your car insurance with one company, your life insurance with another, and your home insurance with another different company? If yes, it’s time you give thought to combine your insurance services with one provider to save on costs.

There are a few insurers who offer special rates when you have more than one service with them. Find out from your insurance providers if any of them have that option and you could be getting some great savings!


Consider decreasing premiums

As months and years go by your car value decreases. Ideally, this could also decrease your monthly premium. Ask your provider if your premium can be reassessed and you could save even more on your insurance!

Final Thoughts

Saving money where you can, especially toward the end of the year, can really help. Luckily, there are a few ways to save on your insurance as well.

Compare the pros and cons from various insurers, update your insurance details such as mileage and car value, combine policies to use one insurance provider and keep excess in mind.

Go the extra mile to research and get multiple quotes, especially if you’re a first-time insurance client. If you don’t have time or don’t know where to start, ask a professional who can assist and provide you with the quotes, like us! 

Contact Quality Quote today and let us help you find the best car insurance quotes.