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Most insurance providers recommend you to have some sort of anti-theft device for your vehicle. Having an anti-theft device installed is not only a great extra security measure for your car but also helps you get lower car insurance quotes from insurance providers.

The more security your car has, the lower the risk. One of the top benefits of anti-theft devices is that insurance companies often offer discounts or a lower insurance premium quote if you have one installed. Even if you just have one anti-theft device, it could impact your monthly car insurance cost.

What are vehicle anti-theft devices?

Vehicle anti-theft devices are electronic or mechanical devices that are installed in your car for extra security.

Anti-theft devices include GPS tracking devices, steering wheel locks, brake or clutch locks, dash cams (dashboard cameras), car alarms and tire clamps. Each of these devices works differently and serves a different purpose. Let’s get into it…

gps tracking device

GPS Tracking devices

Vehicle tracking devices come in many shapes and sizes. The tracking system works by using GPS location tracking technology and is usually connected to an app on your phone. Tracking devices have become a popular choice for people as it’s a reliable and convenient way to track your car.

The pricing for a GPS vehicle tracking device ranges from around R700 to about R3 000.

Brake or clutch locks

A brake/clutch lock is a device that you put on your pedal and lock in place with a key. They are usually made with solid steel to prevent breaking and are pretty simple to use.

Brake/clutch locks, like a steering wheel lock, are a great visual security measure to deter thieves from considering trying to steal your car.

Steering wheel locks

A steering wheel lock is an easy-to-use, fast and simple vehicle security device. These work by locking your steering wheel which prevents it from moving so that it cannot be used. A steering wheel lock is a metal device that requires a physical key to lock and unlock.

steering lock car anti theft

Dash cams

Dashboard cameras, or dash cams, are little devices that are mounted to your car dashboard to record the surroundings of your vehicle. These devices are not only used for recording theft but are also incredibly handy for recording car accidents and accidents caused by natural disasters.

Car alarms

Most modern cars come with a pre-installed car alarm system. Even though it’s not the most reliable anti-theft system, it’s still highly recommended and does its job.

Tire clamps

Last but not least is tire clamps. Tire clamps are the least popular choice of anti-theft devices as they are not the most practical. However, they are perfect for when your car will be standing outside without gated security for a long period of time.

car anti-theft devices

Closing Thoughts

We hope the above information has helped you to understand what vehicle anti-theft devices are and how they can be beneficial to your car security.

Insurance providers recommend installing anti-theft devices for better security and as a bonus, often offer a discount or a lower premium to clients who have an anti-theft device installed. This is because the more security your car has, the lower the risk you are as a client.

Disclaimer: None of these devices guarantee your vehicle safety or prevent vehicle theft. These are just extra security measures you can take to help avoid vehicle theft.