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Money-Saving tips for 2019

How often have you gone to the bank and silently screamed to yourself ‘’ WHERE HAS ALL MY MONEY GONE’’ when you see the balance on your receipt? I’m sure that if we went back and reviewed our credit and debit card transactions, we would find some guilty purchases. Seeing your spending might leave you […]

Should I insure through a broker or direct?

Getting insurance is easy and with the insurance market being so competitive there are different ways to obtain insurance, such as going direct or through a broker. The question is, which option do you choose? Both options offer multiple benefits and downfalls. Understanding the difference between the two will give you a better indication of […]

How often should I get a re-quote on Short Term Insurance

  The answer to this question is an easy one, every six to twelve months! What is not so easy to understand is why it’s important to re-quote yourself every few months and how It can impact you financially. Knowing this information will probably have you leaving reminders on your cell phone, emails and sticky […]

Why do insurance premiums increase every year?

Insurance, its something that we all need, and the process is simple. The customer pays a monthly premium and the insurer will pay out the value of your insured goods in the event of something happening to them, like theft for example. It sounds simple doesn’t it? However, there is one part to insurance you […]