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Looking for affordable car insurance quotes in South Africa? At Quality Quote, we’re all about saving money and protecting your well-being.  We are a registered Financial Services Provider for car and home insurance in South Africa.  With our YouAssist product, we give you affordable access to Emergency Medical Assistance, Trauma Assistance, Home and Crime Assist, a drive home chauffeur service, Legal Assistance and more.

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car insurance first time drivers

Car Insurance for First-Time Drivers in South Africa

Are you a first-time driver in South Africa? Congratulations on getting behind the wheel! It's an exciting milestone, but along with the freedom of driving comes the responsibility of getting the right car insurance. We understand that navigating…
car insurance cover repairs

Can Car Insurance Cover Repairs?

Owning a car requires many financial responsibilities; some you budget for, and some you don’t expect. Can car insurance cover repairs? As we all know, cars can be unpredictable, and repairs can pop up when we least expect them. This is where…
Impact of Carpooling on Car Insurance Policies in South Africa

The Impact of Carpooling on Car Insurance Policies in South Africa

Do you know the impact of carpooling on car insurance policies in South Africa? Are you curious if sharing your ride with friends and co-workers impacts your insurance? Car insurance is an essential aspect of owning a vehicle in South Africa.…
comparing car insurance quotes

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Comparing Car Insurance Quotes

When it comes to securing car insurance coverage, comparing quotes from different providers is crucial. However, many people make common mistakes during this process, which can lead to incorrect coverage decisions and higher premiums. At Quality…
car insurance technology

The Impact of Technology on Car Insurance and How it Can Save You Money

In the ever-evolving world of technology, its influence can be felt across various sectors, and car insurance is no exception. Technology has revolutionized the way car insurance works, offering numerous benefits to South African car insurance…
car insurance premiums south africa

The Benefits of Bundling Your Car Insurance

Many South Africans have car insurance and home insurance. It’s not uncommon for these to be from separate providers. But have you considered the benefits of bundling your car insurance? Not only can it simplify your insurance management,…
car insurance rates in South Africa

The Impact of Your Driving History and Credit Score on Your Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance is a must-have for anyone who owns a vehicle in South Africa. However, multiple factors can impact the cost of your premiums, including your driving history and credit score. Insurance companies use these factors to assess your…
best car insurance in South Africa

What Car Insurance Do I Need?

What is the best car insurance in South Africa? Choosing the right car insurance can be a confusing process. There are so many different policies on offer, each with its own set of benefits and exclusions. It's important to understand what those…
how roadside assistance works

How Does Roadside Assistance Work?

Roadside assistance is designed to help you if your car breaks down. But how can you tell when you need it? What does it cover? And does it cost anything? You’ve come to the right place for answers—here’s everything you need to know about…

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